Olivia Holmes: Off Campus Lunch Should Be An Option

Olivia Holmes, Reporter

Schools should have open campus lunch because it provides healthier options and won’t leave students still hungry and allows students to be responsible. 

First, the cafeteria food does not give all the right nutrients for all the students. Each student isn’t the same, so they don’t all eat the same thing. According to grownandflown.com, in 2010, more than one-third of U.S children and adolescents were overweight or obese. When eating school lunches some students are still hungry. Others struggle to make healthy choices. If students have the correct nutrients needed, they won’t have to make the decision whether to stay hungry or spend more money to get full. Some people have limits on their accounts so if they’re still hungry they can’t get more food. Off campus lunch provides nutritious lunches for all students.

Furthermore, allowing students to go off campus helps them gain responsibilities. If students leave campus for lunch, they will be responsible for how much money they spend, the time they need to get back from school, and driving safely while accomplishing their goal. This will show the school that students can go out to eat and still follow the rules off campus. 

In solution, there should be a form parents/guardians can sign that allows their student to leave off campus for lunch. If a student doesn’t follow the form rules, that there should be a consequence. 

In conclusion, open campus lunch helps students be responsible and provides healthier options that won’t leave students hungry.