Basketball team takes on a new challenge


_Alyssa Dwyer

Dance teacher Stacy Donalson shows senior Michael May the slide during seventh period Sept. 2. Photo by Dominique Sloan

Lauryn Escobar, Staff Reporter

The varsity basketball team is taking dance class seventh period for the 2015-16 school year, and they may perform at a pep rally or showcase in the future.

Charmers Director Stacy Donalson, came up to basketball coach David Markley with the idea for his players to take dance class to improve on their footwork.

“It would increase their productivity in their sport and make them more flexible,” Donalson said, “and more focused and more nimble on the court.”

The coach agreed, but the players weren’t always convinced.

“At first they were very apprehensive and kind of nervous about it,” Markley said. “But they have fun with it. They have a great time and for some, it might be the highlight of their day.”

Assistant Charmers Director Lindsey O’Neal said she thought the team has improved on their footwork among other things.

“I mean, we’re on our third week and there was a handful of the boys that couldn’t even touch their toes when they were stretching and now they can,” O’Neal said. “And their balance has also been improving.”

Senior Michael May said he thinks that dance has helped the team.

“I believe it has. We look a lot more flexible out there. We can get down in stances lower. We can change direction faster. It has just helped in every aspect of our game so far,” May said. “We are really grateful that he put us in the class.”

But May wasn’t always so sure that Markley was telling the truth about the class.

“Well the first day of dance we thought it was gonna be kind of like a joke and everything,” May admitted. “So we got in there and started jumping around, trying to spin ‘til the dance coaches shut us down, told us to get in our lines and we went through the most vigorous stretching that I have ever been in my life.”

Kristian West agreed that learning to dance hasn’t been easy.

“You have to have a lot focus, a lot of balance, and then you have to stretch,” West said. “And you have to memorize things.”

But West liked the idea of taking a dance class.

“I was pretty excited,” West said. “I was excited because I never had a chance to really dance.”