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Drawing A Brighter Future

Sophomore Andie Barajas holds a part of her piece,

Isabella Sapountzis, Reporter

March 26, 2019

She keeps quiet most of the time. Hands covered in the grey dust of graphite and charcoal, she focuses intently on drawing even the most minuscule details of her twin sister Mads’ face, making sure it’s perfect. After all, it is going to be entered into VASE— the Visual Arts Scholastic Event—...

The Positivity Project: Finding Your Happy

The Positivity Project: Finding Your Happy

Cara Wimberley, Editor

April 9, 2018

Life is like salad. Typically, when you order a salad, it has something wrong with it–you ordered Italian dressing, they give you blue cheese. The romaine lettuce is too bitter. The baby tomatoes are running down your face instead of crunching in your mouth. But, you have to always remember that ev...

Minh Tran: Reseller

Junior Minh Tran sells hype clothing online.

Anthony Eells, Reporter

December 15, 2017

When junior Minh Tran first started chasing clout and reselling "hype" clothing he was only 15, but even then he had no doubt that he would succeed, and no idea how stressful it would be.  Clout is a term used originally for power, but teens have turned it into a slang for fame or popularity.  It ...

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