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Taylor Pitmon, age 12. About a month before the incident.

Lost a Friend, Learned to Love

Mickey Brown, Reporter November 4, 2021
Drowning is one of the top ten causes of death for people under 24. Around 236,000 people drown each year. -World Health Organization
I took this sunset picture from close to the stadium. It reminds me of the pretty part of love.

Teens Can Love Too

When adults say teenagers don't know what love is, I say they're wrong
Kailee Winter Winsett , Reporter February 10, 2021

Many adults think teens can’t fall in love; they say that we aren’t old enough to know that feeling. That’s not true though. I am a teen who has fallen in love myself, multiple times actually....

John Green has done it again!

John Green has done it again!

A review of his new book "Turtles all the way down"
Siobhan Somsen, Reporter December 15, 2017

A brief synopsis:  Spoiler alert, it’s about a lizard, well a tuatara to be exact. Aza Holmes struggles with OCD and is trying to steer herself through high school when suddenly millionaire Russell...

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