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Sophomore Finds New Favorite Person When Niece Is Born


Denise Campos, Reporter

March 1, 2019

March 15, 2018. That’s a day Sophomore Martin Ramirez-Olivo will never forget. On that day, his sister, who he looks up to as a mother figure, introduced to him his niece. From that day forward, his niece stole his heart.  For most of his life, Martin’s sister was the most important family ...

‘They’re Free to Follow Their Dreams’

'They're Free to Follow Their Dreams'

Cara Wimberley, Editor

April 25, 2018

Family first. That's registrar Theresa Vondra's guiding life motto. "My parents had me at 40 and 42, and they were older than most of my friends' parents and they worked full time," Vondra said. "Dad was a military man, we didn't see him much, he was constantly working. He left every day at 5am and...

‘She’s What Makes Me, Me’

'She's What Makes Me, Me'

Alaina Salazar, Reporter

November 13, 2017

Some people think spending time with friends is more fun than spending time with parents, but junior Brianna Oro doesn't think so. She and her mom watch Criminal Minds together then head straight to the kitchen where the magic begins. "My favorite things I like to cook are spaghetti, enchiladas and...

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