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Return to Normal Not so Easy

Return to Normal Not so Easy

Natalie Gomez, Reporter November 11, 2021

In a world overrun with social media and the internet, educational landscapes are changing. Freshman Precious Nkenyero, who is a Charmer, is overwhelmed and exhausted after returning to in person...

Vlog: If I dont win Im going to cry

Vlog: ‘If I don’t win I’m going to cry’

Covid set back my wrestling and had a huge impact on the season
Lourdes Duran May 19, 2021

I didn’t make the volleyball team coming in my freshman year. At the time it felt like the worst thing ever. Seriously. Volleyball, the sport I played since I was five years old, was my ticket...

Where She Belongs

Where She Belongs

Nurse says she enjoys her job despite pandemic
Patience Wolfe , Reporter May 12, 2021

Being a high school nurse is already a hard enough job before COVID, but the pandemic has “changed the job description” in the opinion of nurse Amber Cook. “I feel like I do probably 95% COVID...

Next Man Up

Next Man Up

A close-knit team, socially distanced
April 17, 2021

In this pandemic, almost everyone has had to make sacrifices, particularly sports and extracurricular groups. The football team has faced many obstacles so far, having to change and accommodate many of...

Junior Jaiden Parker plays in an early season varsity game.

Staying Safe

COVID protocol brings changes to soccer program
Patience Wolfe , Reporter February 3, 2021

After earning a place in playoffs that never happened thanks to Coronavirus last year, girl’s soccer is focused on success. This year success means keeping players and coaches safe from the virus that...

Lourdes Duran pinning  a Plano Senior High student.

Wrestling Shortchanged

Other sports have started their season, but not us
Lourdes Duran, Reporter February 2, 2021
Wrestling is being left out. It is not as popular of a sport in the south as in the north, but it is a growing sport, and it is not fair to see so many other sports have a season but then we get the short end of the stick. 
One-Way, Always

One-Way, Always

Safety measures made for everyone, even teachers
Alex Rea, Reporter December 8, 2020
"Now is not the time for anyone to be ignoring safety measures, especially teachers."
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