The Cinco Peso Press

2019-2020 Staff

Sarah Knowles


I'm a junior at Chisholm Trail High School. I live in Forth Worth, Texas. I live with my mom, my stepdad Carlos, and my older brother Josh. The things I like to do on my free time on weekends: I like to hangout with my family...

Caitlyn Jade

Hey Friends! My name is Caitlyn Jade Vivar. I either go by Jade or Jai. Both work but never be afraid to ask which names work best for me. I use she/her/they pronouns and I'm a very proud bisexual. I’m a creator. I create...

Gracie Knowles


My name is Gracie Rain Knowles and I am a junior. I am in Varsity choir and Student Leadership, as well Ranch Hands. I have always been in love with writing, and one of my biggest bucket list goals is to write a fiction novel. I'm so excited to t...

Jada Jones


My name is Jada Jones and I'm a junior. I've been a part of the CTHS color guard team since my freshman year. After I graduate I would like to attend Texas Christian University.

Cameron Beauchamp


My name is Cameron Beauchamp and I'm a junior at Chisholm Trail High School. I like baseball and the Texas Rangers. My favorite player that is in the Baseball Hall of Fame is Vladimir Guerrero. Vladimir Guerrero had one of the...

Cambry Malone


I'm a charmer. I'm seventeen. My favorite color is pink. I have 2 sisters and 2 brothers. I have 3 dogs and a cat. I have a bunny named Gizmo.

Gabrielle Saldana


My name is Gabrielle Saldana, and I'm a sophomore at CTHS. My favorite thing to do is spend time with my family. I love going to my school's football games and being in the student section supporting the team.

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