Sticking With Our Boys

Stephanie Anongdeth, Reporter

Football season has just started & Dallas is hyping up about the Cowboys. The Dallas Cowboys haven’t been to the Super Bowl since 1996 & last went to the playoffs in 2018 but fans still stick through them. 

“It’s definitely rough, but they’ll always be my boys,” Cowboy’s fan Jayden Reyna said. “I’ve been a fan ever since I was little. I’ll always represent Dallas.”

Jayden Reyna

As of December 16, Cowboys are 4-9. They won to the Falcons, Giants, Vikings, & Bengals. 

Oscar Arenas

I never doubted them for a second,” Cowboy’s fan Oscar Arenas said. “Everyone wanted to say how bad the Cowboys were but want to bandwagon when they won against the Falcons.”

Everyone has their own team they represent & it’s not always the team in the state they live in. Los Angeles Ram’s fan Kaylee Bohannon, who’s lived in Texas her whole life, says she’s “proud to call her team the Rams.” 

They [the Cowboys] need to work better on their defense,” Bohannon said. “Overall, they’re not the best, and I’ll stick with my Rams.”

Kaylee Bohannon

Lots of Cowboy fans have grown up with the team and loved them since they were little. Junior Isaiah Vazquez is a varsity football player from Byron P. Steele High School and took lots of inspiration from the Cowboys. 

“They were the reason I started getting into football,” Vazquez said. “My family is a football family, so we always grew up rooting for the Cowboys. I would practice how they move and their footwork to eventually be in the NFL too.” 

Many people expressed concern and complaints about how the Cowboys did last season 

“We just needed a new coach,” Reyna said. “Jason Garrett was so bad for us. I’m glad we have the [Green Bay] Packer’s coach now. We’re going to do a lot better.” 

Mike McCarthy replaced Garrett in January of 2020. Cowboy fans are excited about a new coach and what can lie ahead of them in the future. 

“I believe they’ll make it through playoffs,” Vazquez said. “The new coach will do great for them. Everyone who doubted them are going to get taken back.”