Inside The Mind Of Coach David Markley

Inside The Mind Of Coach David Markley

Syncere Harper, Reporter

Though he’s as intense on the court as a soldier on a battlefield, Varsity Boys Basketball Coach David Markley is a caring man who loves each of his players and how they battle in and out every day for the sport they love. 

Even if fans see a man on a Tuesday or Friday night during basketball season fired up at a bad referee call, or yelling at his team, possibly even getting in their faces, one thing they might not see is the love he has for his players. 

Yes, my job as a coach is to win basketball games” Markley said. “My main job and focus is to prepare my players for the real world and make sure they grow up to be contributing members of our society.” 

Behind the scenes is where people can actually see the love Markley has for his players who went through an emotional haymaker of a basketball season 

“It was honestly a rollercoaster of a ride. We went through a rollercoaster of a season,” Markley said. “I’m really proud of my guys, battling things out of their control all season but they came to work every day.” 

 Sure, Markley’s standard of being a Varsity Basketball player is high but that’s because of his expectation and belief in his players at school or in the gym. 

“It’s the foundation of our program when guys do the right thing on and off the court,” Markley said. “It helps them become great players while they’re here at Chisholm Trail but it also helps them with being adults.” 

The year ended without post-season play. 

“You look back at some of those losses and there will be things you change and some things you won’t,” Markley said. “Whatever you take from those wins and losses you learn, move on and do better.” 

 Some may think Markley is being unfair but he just wants the best for his players and everyone else associated with the team.

“Parents are a big apart of the program, and it takes them, coaches, administration, we need them all to pull in the same direction and reach the full potential,” Markley said. “We all understand what we do is for the kids and so when we all pull in that’s when good things happen.”  

Markley hopes his players take what they learn from basketball and apply it to their life. 

“Besides basketball I make sure to teach them life lessons to make sure that that at any point in their life they face adversity they’ll be ready,” Markley said. “I hope that what they learn from basketball they can apply to their own lives and become great people, husbands and fathers.”