Top Of His Game

Junior golfer wins trip to State tournament


by Coach Schwartz

Junior Zach Willard earned trip to State. He’s the first CTHS golfer to make it to State.

Zateya Jackosn, Reporter

Junior Zach Willard stood at the teeing area with his golf club positioned at the ready.  He was exhausted at the ninth hole but he was prepared. He swung and hit. The hole in one at Regions at the Rawls course in Lubbock on April 23 sealed Zach’s trip to State this year.  

Zach is the first golfer in school history to make the State tournament.  

“I prefer competing against great players, so it really feels normal to me,” he said following the event. “I know I have to play well to win against them, and that’s the most fun in golf, you are playing well, and them playing well. You go after it.” 

Zach said there is nothing he would rather be doing than playing in golf tournaments.

When head golf coach Phil Schwartz saw him win his first event, he realized that Zach had talent for the game. 

“His passion for the game, how much he enjoys playing and competing is off the charts,” Schwartz said. “Not many kids, have more fun out there than him. What I have noticed is that he loves the big moment. In football terms, he wants the ball in his hands on 4th and goal.” 

Zach advanced to State by making and breaking school records along the way.

“If I could have things my way I would compete every week,” Zach said. “I love tournaments. I love golf and competing gives me this  feeling that I can beat anyone. It’s kinda cool making records, you know, it’s like being kinda famous.”

Zach has practiced every day, Coach Schwartz said.  Coach Schwartz believes Zach has the potential to excel in state. 

“We have moved from using a very hand driven swing that produced a high draw, to more of a body driven swing release that produces a much lower trajectory and power fade,” Schwartz said. “Along with that, his swing consistency keeps getting better and better. In addition, Zach has worked hard to get to where he’s at he’s a great player.”