Time Out


Darany Vannithone and Fatima Nova

In the Spring of 2013, five freshmen took the field for the first-ever playoff game in school history.

For the past four years, those five players remained in the school’s baseball program.

Anthony Dominguez, Ryan Puente, Christopher Negrete, Seth Lincoln, and Will Osteen have been on the varsity baseball team since the school opened in 2012.

“[It’s] an honor because you get to leave a legacy here that nobody else can,” Dominguez said. “I highly doubt anyone else can play all four years on varsity.”

Coach Juan Silva expected the founding members to lead the team and set an example for the younger players, Dominguez said. Without seniors and juniors, the original players had to mature without an example.
Osteen said the boys started out as weaker players who didn’t take the game as seriously as stronger competitors might have.

“Over the years, we’ve gotten better and better, being more mature,” Osteen said. “We’re a lot stronger than what we used to be.”

He said the boys have improved both physically and mentally.

“I learned to be a man,” Puente said. “Taking responsibility for things that I do wrong, owning up to stuff and having accountability.”

The boys agree that anyone who steps into their shoes should work hard on and off the field.

“Somebody who just loves to play the game, somebody who wants to win, and somebody who puts their teammates before they put themselves.” Lincoln said.

Although Osteen and Dominguez said they look forward to college ball and they all look forward to graduation, they have mixed emotions.

“I’d love to stay,” Puente said. “I love the team.”