To Cheer or Not to Cheer

The State of Ranger Spirit


Sophomores and Juniors show their spirit or not during the first pep rally of the 2013-2014 school year. Photo by Bryce Tuck

Freshmen teachers have been encouraging their students to cheer more at pep rallies. Principal Mike Schwei took the microphone to speak at the first pep rally where he asked students to stand and cheer.

Teachers who taught here last year have said students did not show enough school spirit at pep rallies and it made them quiet and dull.

“When the teams run out on the floor everybody just claps with an attitude,” Sophomore Adam Beasley said.

Beasley said teachers are trying to break students of this habit of sitting down and help them have school spirit, like him.

“I have no tolerance for those who don’t show their school spirit. I scream a lot because I love my school,” he said.

Yet sometimes students have reasons for not cheering.

Freshman Jacqueline Veux said, “I don’t really like standing up.” She said she feels awkward.

Art teacher Paul Randall said he thinks some students don’t think it is their job to cheer.

“I think some of them probably think oh that’s the cheerleaders’ job or the dance team’s job,” he said.

Freshman Justin Henry said, “People get tired and don’t pay attention.”

Some students say there are ways to get students more involved in the pep rallies. Veux said she would like to see the color guard perform.

Henry said throwing candy or other prizes would get students up on their feet.

“Sometimes you just need to make a fool of yourself to have a good time,” Randall said. “High school is what you make of it. Sometimes you have to create the excitement”