Behind the Skills


Hannah Onder

Annsleigh Anderson shows her sassiness on the field, but her interests extend beyond the turf. Photo by Hannah Onder

When watching a Lady Ranger soccer game, the players may look like a bunch of rookies but there’re a few key players that bring the team success. One of those players is Annsleigh Anderson.

Some people would say Anderson is tomboyish and aggressive, but according to Anderson, “When it comes to sports yes, but when it comes to social life not necessarily.”

Underneath her aggressive soccer playing, Anderson is a typical teenage girl with a love for texting and a social life.

“It’s the same as any other teenage girl going to the mall, getting your nails done things like that.”

Don’t let Anderson’s talk of socializing fool you, though, she spends much of her time on the soccer field, she said.

Anderson does not say much about herself, even when questioned, but her friend Carley Sanchez sat in on her interview and shared some insight into the young athlete.

Sanchez said Anderson hasn’t always had the carefree life. She’s had some family hardships that led her to her passion for sports. And her passion for sports has led her to her aggressiveness, she said.

“Um playing soccer for so many years has taught me to be that way, because if you’re not while your playing you’ll get pushed off the ball”, Anderson said.

For the 2012- 2013 season, Anderson scored the most goals as well as demonstrated her flexibility at playing multiple positions with formable skill. Her versatility and technique probably led her fellow teammates to vote her Most Valuable Player and Coach Brian Beddow said her skills have led other coaches to recognize her as a fantastic player in the soccer community.

“Annsleigh is clearly on our team as the best player,” Beddow said. “Outside of school she plays on a high-level club team so her ability to be able to play the game at a high level is there.”

Although she can play well at many positions, her favorite position is attacking mid because that’s where she can score the most goals, she said.

Beddow’s favorite memory of Anderson happened when the Lady Ranger season was looking particularly bleak brimming with losses. The ladies were playing Azle and Anderson, playing her favorite position, shot a ball from about 40 yards away.

Beddow called the shot “lucky” because the ball pretty much went straight up in the air, but managed to go over the goalkeeper’s head and slam into the net. The goal was the first ever district score for the Lady Rangers so it was a big deal for both Anderson and her team.

“Well obviously it would be nice if all of our players had the skill level she has,” said Beddow.