Jacob Boone: A Rockin’ It Ranger Story

Senior Jacob Boone chosen Rockin’ It Ranger for April


Rebecca Veber

Jacob Boone

Rebecca Veber, Editor

As we walked through the hall to the cafeteria for his interview Jacob told me how cool it was to be interviewed for Rockin’ It Ranger, but he also explained how ready he was for school to end.

“I am so excited to graduate,” Jacob said. “I cannot wait. It’s gonna be awesome.”

He talked about how he wanted to be a computer programmer because programming has to do with numbers and letters. He also talked about prom and how much he is looking forward to how awesome it will be.

Soon, it was evident he was conducting his own interview…. of me. We both discussed how we were ready to graduate, what rows we were going to sit in at graduation, and how we were both so excited to get out into the world. He asked me questions about me and my year. We discussed teachers and the classes we took for senior year, and what our plans were for after high school and college.

I asked him if he knew he would win Rockin’ It Ranger. He said of course.

I asked him why he says that with so much confidence, and Jacob just chuckled to himself and said, “Well I am awesome.”

When I asked about who he thought had nominated him, he said he believed it was one of his favorite teachers, Mrs. Radicke, and when I asked why again, he simply answered, ” because I’m awesome.”

Jacob Boone is a Rockin’ It Ranger who loves video games, his Playstation 4 and bowling. He plans to go to TCC after graduation and get his basics done for computer programming. His advice for freshman and aspiring Rockin’ It Rangers alike is to JUST DO IT.