Rockin’ It Ranger Alauna Washington


Rebecca Veber

Rockin’ It Ranger “Wash”

Rebecca Veber, Editor

  Rockin’ it Ranger Freshman Alauna “Wash” Washington 

Q: How do you feel about earning Rockin It Ranger? 

A: I was surprised because when they came in the room there was another person who is really good, so I thought he was gonna make it. 

Q: Do you know who nominated you or have an idea about it? 

A: Mrs. Rodriguez, whose class I should be in right now or Mrs. Brevard even though I only have her for Gold Standard. 

Q: Do you know why they nominated you? 

A: I think it’s probably because I work hard, and you can trust me. 

Q: So, you are a freshman. How have you liked high school so far? 

A: I mean when I first got here it was confusing, but I got kind of used to it. It’s like middle school except bigger, more people and a bit more challenging. 

Q: What are some of the electives you have or hobbies you do? 

A: I am in color guard. I love to swim. I swim by myself or with friends, and I like drawing. I would like to do art next year because I didn’t do it this year, and I play basketball. 

Q: If you have any advice for being a good Rockin’ It Ranger? 

A: Work hard, do your best and eventually it will pay off. I didn’t even know I was gonna get this. There are people who work harder than me and didn’t get this. Push yourself; do everything you can so you can make it. 

Q: Any final remarks? 

*As she thought of what to say “Wash” went to Pinterest for inspiration. After it wouldn’t load she sat in contemplation for a moment.* 

A: Stay True to Yourself 🙂