Rivas the Rockin’ it Ranger


Natalia Tristan, Reporter

Senior Francisco Rivas was nominated and named the senior class’s Rockin’ It Ranger for this month. Rockin’ It Ranger started this month with teacher nominations followed by a faculty vote. A Rockin’ it Ranger is someone who carries the torch and is always being the best version of themselves. Francisco participates in football, soccer, and track and does community service outside of school.  

“The way I grew up made me the type of person I am today,” Francisco said. “My grandma liked to help people and I don’t like seeing people without help. Help is free.” 

Like other students, Francisco had to face adversity to get to where he is today. He did not always make straight A’s but with the help of Chisholm’s teachers and coaches, he is now on a path with stronger grades.  

“My Avid class has helped me a ton, especially Ms. Head,” Francisco said. “She lead me in the right direction and showed me how to apply to colleges and take that extra step.” 

Francisco likes to learn and doesn’t like to fall behind in classes. After he graduates this year, he will go to Tarleton State for mechanical engineering. 

“I have already gotten accepted,” Francisco said. “It’s my first choice.” 

 Francisco continues to try and be a better version of himself, and he was not expecting to be named the Rockin’ it Ranger for his class. He said his excellent behavior is all because of his mom and how she raised him. 

“I really do everything for her,” Francisco said. “I go through hardships for her.”