The Duff: Designated Unexpectedly Fun Film


Kendal Fowler, Staff Reporter

CBS Films and Lionsgate released The Duff Feb. 20. Based on a novel by Kody Keplinger, The Duff tells the story of Bianca Piper and her quest to lose the label.

Mae Whitman plays the main character, Bianca, also known as the DUFF. A DUFF is known as a ‘designated ugly fat friend.’ Bianca’s two best friends are infinitely more popular and she wants to be noticed too. Robbie Amell plays Wesley, Bianca’s childhood best friend, who begins to train Bianca to be approachable for guys, and not be a DUFF.

During Wesley’s makeover of Bianca, someone secretly records her making out with a mannequin at the mall and posts it on the Internet resulting in ridicule for her.

Eventually, Bianca gets what she wants, a date with Toby, but he uses her for her friends. Throughout the date, reminiscent of the protagonist’s visions in Mean Girls, Bianca sees herself and Toby making out, but the vision changes. When she looks at Toby, she sees Wesley instead.

The rest is probably predictable.

Basically, this is your average high school movie. For someone who loves high school movies, it was pretty hilarious. The language wasn’t too harsh for preteens or adults, but then again, most teenagers have a pretty foul language. Even though the ending is predicable, high school students who aren’t so well known will relate.

Recommendation: See it