Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate review

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate review

Mark Miske, Staff Reporter

There are two things I can’t help but love: big swords and humongous monsters. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is the bridge that brings both these things together in the most spectacular of ways.

Monster Hunter 4 is a brutally difficult game, but reasonably accessible for newcomers like myself. The beginning of the game offers many excellent tutorials that help to show newbies the ropes while also providing a great way for grizzled veteran hunters to gather materials. Gathering materials is the bread and butter of Monster Hunter. With every new plant collected and monster slain, you’re just one step closer to making that new great sword that can one-hit a wyvern.

That’s the pull of Monster Hunter; it’s that great feeling of progression as you slowly improve using your preferred weapon. The feeling of pure excitement from finally completing a set of armor crafted out of the hide of some monster is second to none. Knowing that you’re getting better and more efficient, being able to use fewer potions, knowing when and where to place traps, understanding a monsters signs of weakness, creates a sense of growth unmatched by any game currently on the market.

But that’s just the single player. The highly enjoyable multiplayer element to Monster Hunter 4 makes the 40-dollar price tag more than worth it.

The online mode features some of the toughest and most fun monsters in the game. A good example is the fight with the Dah’ren Mohran, a 50-meter whale monster that lives in the desert that you and three other hunters need to chase down in a warship and beat it to death. During my fight against him I couldn’t help but smile ear to ear as I yelled quotes from Captain Ahab, harpooned him close to the ship, pole-vaulted onto his back using my bow staff and stabbed him in the eye.

I’ve fallen in love with this game and can’t help but give it my highest praise. At 50 hours in, I’ve hardly even scratched the surface and can’t wait to get back to more hunting. This is why I would like to give Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate an excellent 10/10. It’s a magnificent game and a must buy for any gamer.