The good kind of tired

Christopher Salas, Copy Desk Editor

I flailed loosely as I attempted to dance in a room normally reserved for those who can dance; slowly, deliberately, I found a rhythm in the movements. I saw myself in the mirror on the opposite wall, panting and gasping for breath. Instructor Gloria Villalobos continued to dance as enthusiastic and effortless as when we started. The song ended. A new fast paced beat filled the air. The next segment of Zumba has begun.

In the dance gym Jan. 25, Instructor Villalobos, normally at Hit The Ground Dancing on Boat Club Road, was hosting a small fundraiser for the National Honor Society by occupying the gym to hold a Zumba session throughout the day.

In all honesty, Zumba was the best 45 minutes I’ve spent on a slow Saturday afternoon in a long time. Moving around to the styles of Cumbia, Salsa Chokè, and even Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, the movements flowed together, yet it felt completely different to how I’m used to moving.

Halfway in, I saw the reflection of some awkward guy swaying and struggling to keep up. But that was part of the fun of Zumba; to laugh at myself and enjoy the hip moving as it came. To think most of my fellow dancers were in my too-heavy shoes, makes the experience a bit more satisfying.

The sudden changes in motion also made the experience all the more exciting, mainly because a first-timer has no actual clue what could possibly come next. I tried my best to follow Villalobos’ movements, and apparently I kept up okay, as she told me afterwards. Though I’m sure that was until I got tired; then I did my best to keep up with burning legs and heavy hands.

To me, the experience was a “plethora of feelings” as I put it at the time. From moving to kicking to jumping, it was all a bit odd, yet interesting in the sense that it was different.

Zumba, in a word, is exciting. In two words: Worth it. I highly recommend practicing it on any day of the week, and this is coming from someone who considers stairs to be a daunting task.