Casting a ‘Godspell’ on the audience


Kedar Collins

The cast of “Godspell” reaches up to the heavens at the opening of the first act of the musical Friday, Jan. 23. Photo by Kedar Collins

Kedar Collins, Staff Reporter

The musical,“Godspell” takes the story of Jesus Christ and his disciples and adds on an unexpected, yet brilliant turn for the better. Though the execution of the Fine Arts department performance lacked professional polish, for a high school musical it exceeded expectations.

“Godspell” tells the story of Jesus teaching his disciples, and then the betrayal and persecution.

As with any musical, the singing started right from the opening, but the music volume drowned out the actors’ singing and made it difficult to understand their lines. They might as well have had their mics turned off, in fact some mics were off for a fairly large portion of the intro. Fortunately, the volume issues improved throughout the performance.

Apart from the technical difficulties, lines of great importance were forgotten by multiple performers. In small cases this would easily have been ignored because it was a high school production, but when it happens quite frequently in both acts, it’s hard not to notice.

What the performance lacked in audio equipment they made up for with creativity. The incorporation of modern topics such as Lindsay Lohan, Superman, and even one of the performers saying to another, “go back to Boswell!”, brought a comedic touch to a heavy topic. Even Jesus’s crucifixion was interestingly portrayed by having him bound by banners instead of the traditional cross and nails. Everything from the music to the outfits added the needed flair for the topic at hand.

On opening night not everything can go as planned, but the next performances were surely improved. Any future musical production by the department would be greatly worth seeing, and like “Godspell”, well worth the time.