Hockey Dreams and Injuries

Junior Diego Martinez’s Olympic hopes ended with a broken ankle.


Diego Martinez shows off his Pittsburgh Penguins lanyard. Photo by Savanah Reyes

In 2009 Diego Martinez witnessed the sight of the Pittsburgh Penguins winning the Stanley Cup Finals, after tiring of watching that year’s football games. From that point on, Martinez cheered for the Penguins and his favorite player, Sidney Crosby.

During the recent Sochi Olympics, Diego once again cheered for Sidney Crosby on the Canada hockey team during the match between the U.S. and Canada. The match happened during the school day and Martinez couldn’t focus on his school work because he was too worried about the scores.

Martinez is interested in playing the sport, but is currently unable to play due to a past injury to his ankle.

“[I] broke it last year, sophomore year, during [a] football [game] against Dunbar,” Martinez said. “Two linemen from Dunbar fell on me and then Lane [Brown] so when all that weight fell on my leg it just snapped.”

Martinez’s injury to his ankle has prevented him from taking his love of hockey to the ice. Despite the screws in his ankle, he still ice skates for his own enjoyment.

“I want to [play], but since I got the screws in my ankle it hurts when I skate,” Martinez said. “I ice skate right now too, but I just can’t go for a long period,” Martinez said.

Martinez may be able to play hockey if he got the screws from his ankle removed, but he struggles with the decision.

“It’s something I’ve got to think about,” Martinez said. “It’s real expensive to get them out.”

Martinez favors football to hockey even, which his family finds amusing.

He said his dad says “‘You’re the only Mexican in the world that watches hockey.'”