Lunch Glitch

Your money isn’t missing after all.


In September many students were having an issue with lunch money disappearing from their accounts. By Nick Alvarez

Picture yourself getting to the front of the lunch line, only to be told that there is no money in your account, even though you remember putting money in just the day before.

In September, many students were having issues with money coming out of their lunch accounts . . . more money than expected based on their purchases.

“There was 15 dollars missing from my account,” said freshman Destiny Blackstone. “I thought people were hacking into my account.”

Although people think that money is disappearing from their accounts, that turns out not to be the case.

Cafeteria manager Kim Kelly said lunch money was going missing because a glitch in the account system wasn’t allowing money to be deducted at the point of sale. In order to fix it, food services took the money out of the accounts when the mistake was discovered.

Some students already take precautions in order to prevent situations like missing lunch money from happening to them.

Sophomore Tyler Pratt said, “[It’s] why I don’t put money in my account.”

Although the problem has been taken care of, some students are concerned about the lack of communication between the school and the students. They said more should have been done to inform the students about the situation.

“They [should have] to send out a letter or something,” freshman Isaiah Simms said. “It’s very important to let everybody know.”

Some students said that having to deal with disappearing lunch money is a stressful situation.

“The whole thing about the lunch money really scared me. I thought a [lunch] lady was stealing it,” said junior Danny Horton.