Trail Romance: Up-N-Coming Invitations Get Creative


Tameren Clark asked Maria Felipa to Up-N-Coming with a surprise meeting in the hallway and a little help from his friends.

During the second pep rally of the year, Junior Adrian Gray asked Junior Alex Potts to Up-N-Coming by the Charmers holding signs that said “Alex Potts Homecoming?”

All across campus guys are coming up with creative ways to ask their dates to Up-N-Coming.

Wednesday, September 18 Junior Dylan Bounkham asked Sophomore Devin Shannon to Up-N-Coming right outside the bistro.

Bounkham asked Shannon with sticky notes on a wall that spelled out “Hoco,” a vanilla latte that had “Homecoming?” written on it, a big bag of starburst, and a dozen red roses.

Bounkham said, “It just came to me,” and if Shannon said no, he had no shame.

The asking did not come together so easily, however.

The sticky notes started falling down, Bounkham couldn’t spell “homecoming”, and he also found out after everything was set up that Shannon had C lunch when he had A.

Shannon said she thought the whole idea was cute but a little uncomfortable.

“I was nervous but happy,” Shannon said. “There were a lot of people so it was like I was put on the spot.”

Junior Tameren Clark asked Junior Maria Felipa to Up-N-Coming on September 18 by having friends hold up a poster that said, “Will you be my hot date to homecoming?”

Clark had a basketful of Hot Cheetos as well.

He came up with the idea because she really loves Hot Cheetos so he wanted to ask her with something involving them.

Clark mentioned the only thing that went wrong was while he was trying to ask her the couple was far apart which resulted in an awkward silence.

“I felt really excited and surprised because I didn’t know when he was going to ask me,” Felipa said.

Despite any awkward silences, it worked out for Clark when Felipa said yes.

Clark said a tip for guys is “To always get your girl sweets. There is no way she will say no.”