Change in Advanced Placement test fees

Joshua Phongsavath, Staff Reporter

AP test fees have been reduced to the original $53 to $7 for students who are receiving financial assistance through the school district.

In past years, students with reduced fees had to pay the $53 up front and received some money back after taking the test. The refund varied.

College and Career Readiness adviser Melissa Cordova explained the recent reduction.

“Our state determines their contribution towards those tests at some point in time during the year,” said Cordova. “And yesterday [March 18] we found out how much they were contributing.”

One student approved of the change.

Junior Kathryn Cogar said, “I think it’s fair because people with a lower annual income shouldn’t be hindered to excel academically.”

Cordova noticed a change in payments since the price adjustment.

“There has been an increase, but students are still bringing in the original fee and they’re happy when they only get their $7 taken,” said Cordova.

Junior Yesenia Rodriguez was concerned the fee difference might be unfair.

Rodriguez said, “For me it was like, ‘Hallelujah!’ But for everyone else, I feel like it is unfair because they have to pay $75 more.”

Students who do not receive financial aid from the district have to pay the full test fee of $82.

Cogar said, “If a family can afford the full price, then they should pay the full price. If not, the student shouldn’t be punished for not being able to afford the tests.”

Regardless of price, students have been signing up for the tests.

AP Psychology instructor Brynn Childers had 45 out of 60 of her students sign up for the test, but she is unsure whether all of them will pay and actually take it.

“I just understand that it’s a reality because I don’t think all 45 of them will,” Childers said.

AP World History instructor Jonah Hanft had 140 out of 147 students sign up and pay.

“I’m not surprised about it,” said, Hanft. “My expectation is that if you come into an AP class, you take the AP test. I expect nothing less.”

Cordova encouraged students who were unsure of taking the test to take it.

“I think it’s always good to take the test because you get experience taking your test. You never know what you’re going to make,” Cordova said. “If you’re on the fence, go ahead and take it. Especially if it’s $7.”