Quarters 4 a cure


The Ranch Hands display the pink chains from the Quarters 4 the Cure fundraiser. Chisholm Trail raised over $850 for the Breast Cancer Awareness Foundation. Photo by Gabriela Rodriguez

Kendal Fowler and Kedar Collins

Last week the Ranch Hands sponsored a coin drive to raise money for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

By Friday, Oct. 24, second period classes had raised over $850 for the foundation. For every 25 cents, students received four chain links. Chisholm raised enough money for 13,000 links, or enough to wrap the football field in chain links six times.

Along with collecting money, second period classes competed for $5 Applebee’s gift cards and bragging rights.

“I feel very proud because it was exciting to donate, like you felt a rush of happiness,” Junior Omar Pena said. “It was so competitive because we wanted to be the class who donated the most.”

Pena’s class, Jeana Schweikhard’s English III class, raised the most money with $267.94 in their collection cup, or box to be exact.

Schweikhard said she saw her class grow spirited about the coin drive.

“I’m very happy because my kids got into it, and it was about other people and not themselves,” Schweikhard said.

Hardy agreed that students were focused on others.

“[We] wanted one concentrated week where everyone has focused on Breast Cancer awareness,” Hardy said.

Correction: Oct. 28, 2014

An earlier version of this article misstated the name of the foundation benefitted by the coin drive. The proceeds from the coin drive went to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, not the Breast Cancer Awareness Foundation.