Not about tutus

Student Council decides to change their approach to Red Ribbon Week.


Student Council decided to have color days for Red Ribbon Week this school year. Each color has a specific message to it such as “success” or “loyalty.” Photo by Nicholas Alvarez.

Sonja Young, News Editor

Student Council will host Red Ribbon Week this week. Instead of hosting a series of dress up days, Student Council decided to assign a particular color to each day.

According to Rachel Dickey, Student Council president, an authority figure from school suggested wearing a different color every day of Red Ribbon Week rather than dressing in different themes.

Student Council Sponsor Amy Anderson said she believes the point of Red Ribbon Week comes across better with color days.

“We want to focus on promoting what Red Ribbon Week actually stands for, rather than just dressing up in tutus,” Anderson said. “We want to tie in the themes we came up with.”

Along with a color, the council assigned a thematic message to each day. For example, Monday’s blue represents “Loyalty to yourself and others,” and Thursday’s gold symbolizes “success.”

Students have had mixed opinions on the Red Ribbon Week color days.

Senior Michael Vincetti misses dressing up for Red Ribbon Week.

“I think we should do dress-up [days],” Vincetti said. “We anticipate it way more.”

Junior Jazzmyn Ibara said she likes the idea.

“I think colors are better because I’m not going to go through my mom’s closet to get 80’s clothes,” Ibara said.

Below are the scheduled dress up days and their themes:

Monday- Blue: “Loyalty to yourself and others”
Tuesday- Green: “Growing and overcoming”
Wednesday- Red: “Determination”
Thursday- Gold: “Success”
Friday- Purple: “Imagine your future”