Rangers ‘Raise The Bar’


Colby Pierce

Students watch Senior Andrew Davis on his second attempt to do 20 pull ups during the Marines’ visit. Photo by Colby Pierce.

Liam York, Staff Writer

Marine recruiters came to school with a chin up bar Oct. 16 to see which student could do the most chin ups or pull ups.

Students came to participate with results varying from none to 20, a perfect score for chin ups on a Marine physical test.

The Marines’ ventured to the campus to promote interest in joining the Marines, recruiter Staff Sergeant Delagarza said.

Delagarza said he wants to evaluate how many seniors are here so the Marines can help students with college, also.

The physical requirements for joining the Marines include running, crunches and chin ups.

Delagarza said he was surprised by the abilities of a few students.

“There’s been a couple kids who have done 20 which is a perfect score on a Marine’s physical test. If they’re doing 20 now they’re already in pretty good shape,” Delagarza said.

Senior Andrew Davis attempted the challenge twice and got all 20 on his second go.

“The first time I got 21 but he only counted 19. The second time I got 20.” Davis said.

As Davis got down, a Marine accompanying the recruiter said, “I’ve never seen a student make 20 on their second go.”