Rangers swim past first meet


Sept. 27 Ranger Swimming competed against Granbury high school in their first meet of the school year. The girls’ team finished in first, the boys’ team finished in second. Photo by Georgina Aurelio.

Jezza Bull-Briones, Editor-in-chief

Ranger Swimming competed in their first meet of the year Sept. 27. The girls team placed first overall, the boys second, against the host school, Granbury High School.

Georgina Aurelio, senior, believes this is a good sign for the girls’  team.

“Granbury is our main rival [at district],” Aurelio said.  The district meet determines which swimmers will advance to the regional meet and then finally the state meet.

The boys’ second place finish doesn’t worry Jax Pounds, senior.

“We won most races,” Pounds said.

He explained that because Granbury had more male swimmers per event it was easier for their male swim team to win the meet.

Pounds does not believe the team’s determination will decline at upcoming meets.

“We have been an unknown school,” Pounds said. “We want to get on the map.”