Concerning College


Junior Matt Smiley receives college information at an October College Fair.

You sit at your desk in class, pen in hand, staring at the assignment in front of you. But you are completely zoned out, not listening at all to what the teacher is saying. You’re mind isn’t blank, however. You have one thing on your mind. It is the one thing teachers, counselors, and even your parents have been nagging you about since you started high school.


Students, in both advanced and regular classes have several concerns about different aspects of the college life and the preparation that goes into it. Many have no idea where to even begin preparing because they don’t know where to look or what to look for.

Junior Brian Dang, though ranked eigth in the junior class, has not yet decided on a major.

“I don’t know what to be. That’s what worries me,” Dang said. He believes that finding a career that is suitable is one of the main steps in deciding what college you will attend.

Sophomore Arely Rocha worries greatly about AP test credits for certain colleges, grants and scholarships. Her main concern, however, is the student-to-teacher ratio.

“I get a better understanding when there are less people,” Rocha said. She said it is important to her that she gets the one-on-one time with her teacher.

Most high school students have lived with parents their entire life, which is why Junior Stephan Lounthone fears living in a dorm with other students.

Because he has always had his parents reminding him of his homework and making him go to bed, Lounthone said he fears he will not continue doing these things whenever he doesn’t have them around.

“If you [and your roommate] stay awake all night you won’t ever get anything done,” Lounthone said.

Another major fear about college is the economy.

“Things are going to be more expensive in the future,” Junior Seth Cochrane said. He said he would like to know how to get into a good college without paying a cent.

This article is the beginning of a weekly series that addresses different student concerns about college life and how to solve them. We will include answers to questions posed in this article and questions raised throughout the series. If you have questions about college, please email us at [email protected].