To Go or Not to Go

Students wondered if the winter weather will cause school to close on Friday.


As the weather drops significantly many at Chisholm Trail High School are left wondering: Will I go to school tomorrow?

At the end of  several class periods today, students and teachers intently watch the falling temperatures on local news websites trying to determine the big question: Am I going to have school tomorrow?

Although no one will know when school is canceled until 6 A.M. Friday morning, many students are making their own predictions. Below is a slideshow featuring students and their opinions on the weather’s outcome. 



To know about official school cancellations on Friday December 6, Eagle-Mountain Saginaw ISD advises the public to check the districts’ social media, official website, and the following television stations:

Fox 4 News (Channel 4)

NBC News (Channel 5)

ABC News (Channel 8)

CBS News (Channel 11)