Mental Health Awareness club emphasizes student health, well-being


Hope Martinez, Reporter

To help students have an outlet and build community with their peers, students created a new Mental Health Awareness club that focuses on students’ well-being.

“It’s important to talk about it because it’s a growing issue,” MHAC founder and president senior Giana Matheny said. “I want to do really big things with this club, and get the whole school involved and make sure everybody feels like this is a safe environment.” 

Matheny and other club members began this awareness journey in early October 2022, and held their first official meeting Wednesday, Nov 2.  

The club worked to spread its message by hanging posters and making an Instagram page where students can find information on the club and its members.  

Teachers said they feel this club is a good idea to help students learn about various options available to them.

“I do feel like it’s definitely important,” AP Psychology teacher Cody Brown said. “It kind of has to be the first thing a student takes care of because if they don’t have great mental health or are not doing well, then they can’t do well in school.” 

Stress can make anyone feel unmotivated or unable to concentrate, and junior Andrea Rodriguez said the more emphasis on the conversation the better.

“Some teachers don’t prioritize that, and they prioritize their class before they prioritize a student’s wellbeing,” Rodriguez said. “I know some people, their mental health will get really bad because stress will start to weigh on them and they’ll just stop wanting to learn.”

Matheny encourages students who are showing signs of struggle are encouraged to reach out to a counselor, teacher or trusted friend.  

“When struggling, I think it’s hard to reach out, but it’s very important that you do because you matter and you’re important,” Matheny said.