Choir students ready, prepare for December concert


Nikki Basaldu

As they prepare for their winter choir concert, the Ranger chorale students run through their songs on Thursday, Nov. 3, 2022. Photo by Nikki Basaldu, 12

Rose Sanches, Reporter

After the success of their fall concert, the choir students prepare for their winter concert set for Monday, Dec. 12 in the JPAC at 6:30 p.m.

“We spend almost our entire class period getting ready,” choir teacher Shelby Hill said. “Learning notes, learning rhythm to make it musical. When it gets closer to time, we even practice how we’re going to enter, exit, stand and how we’re going to make our performance and take it to the next level.”

Hill said she thinks her students will do well in their performance.

“I think they are going to do fantastic,” Hill said. “They’re working really hard. They spend every day working hard to get ready.”

Along with the traditional holiday songs, audiences can expect to hear new holiday songs from the students.

“We did just start learning about songs, and some of the songs we actually do in my other choir are kind of confusing,” sophomore Brooklynn Lee said. “I wouldn’t say we are extremely prepared. We have like six or seven weeks to prepare, so I think we will be ready.”

Another student thinks they’ll be prepared for their Winter Concert and do well for their upcoming event.

The first choir concert was Monday, Oct. 17, and student choir conductor Maya Padilla said they have been working incredibly hard to continue their success.

“We sit on the ground running right after our fall concert and start doing our winter music,” Padilla said. “This year I really love our setlist. We are doing around-the-world holiday songs. We are doing Mele Kali Kimaka which is the Hawaiian Christmas song. We’re also doing a Czech song, we’re doing Italian, we’re doing a bunch of different songs which I’m really excited about.”

For more information on the choir and other concerts, people can attend, follow this link.