Admin, students urge others to clean up, demonstrate responsible conduct


Adrianna Garza

As the Pink Out pep rally goes on, teachers monitor the student sections to ensure student behaviors are managed on Friday, Oct. 7, 2022. Photo by Adrianna Garza, 12

Briyanna Martinez, Reporter

As fall sports seasons are coming to a close, administrators are working to continue to monitor student conduct and behavior at games, om campus and during pep rallies.

“To keep everything under control is really about having conversations of expectations because we have a pretty awesome student body here,” assistant principal Carla Hardy said. “Nobody wants to be the fun police around here, but we [have] to make choices that help make sure everyone is safe not just students but spectators at the games”

Administrators walk around at pep rallies, sporting events and activities to ensure students are being respectful and responsible. While they work to keep the campus clean, some students are not responsible for their belongings or throw away their trash, and Hardy said she hopes students can hold each other accountable.

“I wish they were [responsible for throwing away trash],” Hardy said. “They used to be, whenever we opened Chisholm and the Ranch Hands were first formed, one of the agreements we made with the student section was our fun should never add to the work of someone else. Our fun leaves quite a workload for the custodians.”

While some students think it would be a natural instinct to pick up after yourselves, junior Marlen Cardoso said students are always leaving a mess, and nobody cleans up after themselves.

“Some students in the students’ section are a little wild and tend to get out of hand,” Cardoso said. “I’ve seen people throw trash on the floor like when they open their candy or when they finish a bag of chips. Some kids after the games pick up all their trash and throw it away and others leave it for someone else to throw away.”

A student who has worked at concession stands and is a Charmer manager has been to every football game and said she’s seen some cleaning their area while cheering on the football players and dancers.

“I’ve been to all football games,” Charmer manager Juliana Moreno said. “For the most part students are responsible for throwing away their trash and keeping their area clean. Although I’ve been annoyed by the younger kids running around and being loud, the older kids are actually enjoying the football game and sitting still.”

While the Charmer manager has been annoyed by some students, Hardy said she is proud of how many students have been making the time out of their day to go to football games.

“It’s people who chose to be there, you have to rearrange your schedule outside of school to go there, so it’s people who really want to be involved and invested in that atmosphere,” Hardy said. “I’ve been really proud of the number of students in our section this year and of the excitement that they’re bringing in the last few years and I’m proud of that.”