Phones Contribute To Sleepy Students


Julissa Munoz, Reporter

A Dec. 22, 2014 article the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of The United States of America stated, “the blue light emitted by smartphones and tablets simulates daylight, inhibiting the brain’s production of melatonin, the hormone that helps us fall asleep and stay asleep. Sleep deprivation can have serious consequences for teens. Those who don’t sleep enough perform more poorly in school.” 

Sophomore Hailey Mendez has problems with sleep deprivation and her phone is a reason as to why. 

“I stay up late a lot. I find it difficult to go to sleep sometimes because as soon as I get home, I am so tired from school, so I just go to sleep,” Mendez said. “It gets annoying because I try to not go to sleep, but I just do. As soon as I wake up, I get on my phone and I struggle to get off it.” 

Sophomore Aiden Salas said he also has trouble sleeping and it creates problems for him in school. 

“Sleeping is hard because I always have a lot of work. I get home and do all of it. When I am done, I am tired, but I do not want to go to sleep because then I do not wake up ’til the next morning,” Salas said. “I wake up so tired and sometimes I get to school late. It is hard to stay awake during class. I fall asleep sometimes. It has caused me to come close to failing considering I don’t pay attention well.” 

Freshman Alyssa Garcia has trouble balancing out her elective and grades due to lack of sleep. 

“I stay up late a lot because I play volleyball and get home late when I get home, I shower, eat, and do homework,” Garcia said.” I stay up late working on my homework because it’s usually a lot. Homework stresses me out because I must turn it in to pass and if I fail, I can’t play volleyball, which I like to do. So, I have no choice but to do it even if it means staying awake late.” 

Salas admits it is not just school that keeps him up late causing him to lose sleep. 

“Since I don’t go to sleep right away, I stay up on my phone and I don’t get tired,” Salas said. “When I’m on my phone I stay up on YouTube or Netflix and by the time I realize it”s already late which is my own fault.” 

Mendez feels as though teachers give out a lot of work and should find a way to compromise a plan to help students.  

“Sometimes I have a lot of work that I end up having to stay up late for just to finish it for the next day,” Mendez said.” It won’t just be for two classes at times, it is more than four. Why can’t teachers schedule certain days to give out homework? It would be easier to sleep at night.”