Teacher Shares Success Tips For In Person And Remote Learners


Asia Castleman

Lauren Williamson Teaching 8th period Biology.

Asia Castleman, Reporter

Biology and AP Environmental science teacher Lauren Williamson says remote and face to face students can find success in school.

Williamson said for all students, whether on campus or remote, communication is key.

“If something is happening, tell me about it,” Williamson said. “I’m a reasonable person. So many of the other teachers, we just want to help you and if we don’t know about it, we can’t help you so that would be my advice.”

For remote students, Williamson said Teams could make all the difference if the students use it.

“That would be a great way not only to participate in class, but to get to know your teacher and how they teach and how they grade so that you’re not confused by your grade.”

For face-to-face learners Williamson said it is important to be “present both physically and mentally” when you’re at school.

Biology teacher Lauren Williamson works with freshman Matthias Leach. (Asia Castleman)

“When we’re here, do your work,” Williamson said. “If you do it here in class and you’re present and you’re here, you can get it done, and if you don’t understand it, you can ask the teacher questions right there immediately. And that would make you a highly successful student.”

It is important to have a positive mindset whether you are a remote and face to face learner according to Williamson.

“Keep positivity up and keep doing your best it is some days even with me I have a tough time sometimes saying ok we just got to get through another day,” Williamson said. “You cannot give up as a student or as a teacher because you will be giving up on the other group so teachers would be giving up on the students and that would be giving up on us need, we need each other.”