Vaping hits teens hard


Alaya Obersig, Reporter

 According to The Texas Department of Health and Human Services,239 cases and 1 death of pulmonary disease have been reported in Texas. In 49 states 2,051 cases have been reported, and at least 5 school districts have filed lawsuits against the JUUL Vaping company.  

“If you vape then you should know the consequences,” senior Trey Wright said.After all the stories and deaths, you shouldn’t risk your life.”   

According to Vaporfi an international vapor group, vape products have been around since about 2006, and ever since, they’ve been the most popular used tobacco product. With the law until September of this year stating Texans could buy tobacco products at just 18 years old, it was not hard for minors to get their hands on vape products 

“They just want attention and have nothing better to do,Trey said. 

“Most of the kids that vape started doing it to look cool, but then they got addicted and just can’t stop doing it,” sophomore Randy Corsaro said.They know what they’re putting into their bodies, but it doesn’t matter as long as they get their fix of nicotine.”  

Due to the increase of minors using vape products, Texas increased the minimum age to purchase tobacco products to the age of 21.  

According to a class action lawsuit filed in New York, vaping products became popular because e-cigarette companies falsely advertised their products and made them seem like a healthier alternative to smoking and a way to quit smoking. In fact, JUUL targeted teens by coming out with new vape juice flavors and decorative wraps for their vapes. 

If a student is caught vaping on campus, there are consequences.  

“Vaping is considered being under the influence which results in 3 days of out of school suspension,” Said Assistant Principal Gatlin. “Having any kind of vape product such as e-cigarettes, vapes and vape juice is being in possession of a prohibited item, which is 3 days of out of school suspension.” 

 “Vape companies just want customers no matter their age,” Randy said. These vape companies just want money; they don’t care about the well-being of others.”  

Emails have been released showing e-cigarette companies specifically targeted young people because they felt like they could earn money through them. 

 “I think this is messed up because they’re taking advantage of teens,” Randy said 

The marketing to teens worked because today many high school students carry their vapes with them during the school day. Bathrooms are often filled with smoke from vaping and students have even been caught in hallways vaping. 

 “The school really can’t stop people from vaping unless if they invade their privacy and space, and doing that is wrong,” senior Hayden Kuntz said.  

According to Nemour a nonprofit children’s health organization, vaping distributes a highly addictive drug called nicotine into your body. Nicotine can slow down brain development and affect memory. Vaping also causes raspatory issues making it hard to breathe. 

  “Vaping isn’t good for you,” Trey said. “It takes a negative toll on your health. Vaping is a problem because people are negatively affecting their health. It’s so much worse than just regular smoking because you’re intaking more chemicals that you truly know.”