Administrator of the Year

Dye earns campus award

Administrator of the Year

Anthony Eells, Reporter

Susan Dye started teaching over thirty years ago beginning in 1980s when she was 19 years old. Back then she said she was a “kid magnet.”    

Dye was voted administrator of the year by the Chisholm Trail staff this year. 

“I felt very honored,” she said. “It felt good knowing people felt that way towards me.” 

According to Dye kids are not just her favorite part of Chisholm, but of her life as well. 

“I love kids,” Dye said. “We are not Rangers without the students. I’m here to serve. I believe in giving back, and my job is more than just a paycheck to me.” 

All of Dye’s life she has been around education, and that helped her build a teacher-like mindset. 

“Ever since I was little I have loved to learn and problem solve,” Dye said. “So that is something I have always stayed with. I would help at summer school and church. It’s always been my passion, serving others by being with kids.” 

Dye has many great memories from the five years she has served Chisholm. 

“Graduation is my favorite part of every school year,” Dye said. “I get exited every year for the seniors. I try to make it the best day of the year for them.” 

Dye says faculty talent shows and away football games are very memorable moments as well. 

Dye has made many relationships in education. 

“Many friends have come out of my education career,” Dye said. “I have even hired former students.” 

While Dye has made many friends she has also found role models and inspiration. 

“Mr. Berringer is someone I definitely look up to,” Dye said. “He thinks the same way as me, we are both very goal oriented.” 

Being goal oriented has definitely worked to Dye’s favor. 

“I have several degrees,” Dye said. “I acquired my Bachelors in science, Masters in education, and my principal certification.” 

Dye said she actually never planned to be a principal. 

“The principal at my previous school kept recognizing me for my leadership,” Dye said. “Then one day he asked me if I would consider going back to school to get my principal’s certificate.”  

Although Dye enjoys being a principal, she says there is something missing. 

I miss the students,” Dye said. “There is just a special relationship you get out of being in the classroom.”