Time Crunch

Sophomore learns to balance school and life


Courtesy Anahi Diazdeleon

Sophomore, Anahi Diazdeleon plays the xylophone during a band competition.

Sophomore Anahi Diazdeleon is on her way running from the volleyball court to the football stadium on a Friday night to make it to her band performance after her volleyball game. Sometimes it is a struggle to make it from one thing to another on every Friday Night Lights where there is a volleyball game in the school and band up at the field.  

“These activities take up the majority of my time, and it can be very hard to balance both of them along with school,” Diazdeleon said 

Next year when she does these activities again, she said she will do it a little bit differently. 

 “I would definitely do it with more time management. Meaning using my time wisely and not having to stress about each as much,” she said. “I could do most of my homework during school instead of after while I have band and volleyball to make it easier.’’  

 She also has advice for other students who would like to try out these activities. 

 “Manage your time and ask for help if needed, and don’t stress over yourself,” she said.

 Although these extra-curriculars can be tough, Diazdeleon said she has had a lot of accomplishments for her such as having solid performances in band, making a lot of points on the volleyball court and being top 10% in her class. She said she feels satisfied and content when she does everything to her best ability. 

 “I feel great from my performances for band and when I’m happy on the court for volleyball,” Diazdeleon said. “I would keep doing it because I don’t like to give up.”