Senior Found Home At CTHS


Courtesy: Xavier Wood

Xavier Wood and Tori Carroll at Whataburger after a game.

Syncere Harper, reporter

Although Xavier Wood had many choices for what high school he wanted to go to, he made the decision to come to CTHS, and he says thanks to that decision his life has been changed by friends and teachers alike. 

Wood came to Chisholm his freshman year, transferred to Saginaw his sophomore year, and returned here junior and senior year. 

“Even though I didn’t make the decision to leave, I’m glad I came back,” Wood said. All my closest friends are here.” 

Wood was born in Arlington, Texas and moved to Saginaw when he was just a little kid. 

 After three years at CTHS, Wood has grown used to the rules and lifestyle of being a Ranger. 

“Chisholm’s rules are alright,Wood said. “They have their thing where they do something wrong, like the hat rule, but overall I like the school. I could go anywhere, but I like Chisholm and the way they do things.” 

Xavier said his joy of learning and being a student here has helped shape him. 

Wood said he has come to realize that this experience as a student is one that he will love for the rest of his life. Much of that comes from the people he has met. 

“My friend Tori has changed my life since coming here. She’s shown me how to be nice to everyone I encounter,” Wood said. “My parents have also changed my life; they showed me how to be respectful to all the people I meet.” 

Wood found his passion in life in the school’s baseball program which helped develop his love for what he wants to dedicate his life to. 

“I knew I wanted to be a coach when I coached my brother’s baseball team,” Wood said. “It was fun to coach while giving my knowledge of the sport.” 

And while he’s thankful for everything CTHS has given him, he still has one issue he’d like to see changed. 

“Even though I understand why they have the rule, I still want the hat rule to be changed,” Wood said. “I’m a hat guy and I always will be.”