Family Comes First for Freshman


Viri Gallardo

Freshman Cristian Navarro works in second period journalism class.

Viri Gallardo, Reporter

Sitting at the computer, coming every day to class.  

Always making jokes to try and lighten up someone’s mood.  

Listening to what others have to say whether it’s super personal or the most boring story. 

This is Freshman Cristian Navarro. 

Even as a 15 year old, Cristian always considers his family and their well being in his future. Family is the main thing in his life no matter what. 

“My dreams in life are to live a good and wealthy life for my family and me, so they won’t have to worry about debt and bills,” Navarro said. 

Life wasn’t always great for his family. The beginning was especially the hardest part. 

“I grew up in here in Fort Worth, Texas, and I was broke, and when my dad had us, he had a truck and he had to sell it to provide for us,” Navarro said.  

Cristian said his parents have done everything for him and help him thrive in the world today. Through the ups and downs he can always count on his family. 

“The happiest moment in my life was when my parents got married because it was a new chapter in my life, not only my parents but our whole family too.” Navarro said. “They are caring and disciplinary and they want the best for me and my siblings.” 

Cristian came from a family of five. He said his two older brothers Daniel and Jesus have helped him become what he is today. 

“My siblings have been my biggest influence,” Navarro said. “They taught me to not disrespect people in general. And to be surrounded by those who help me up and become better.” 

As life goes on Cristian said he wants to live up to his parents and sibling’s example and pass on the good example. 

“I would like to be remembered as someone who had some kind of impact, like a good impact because I want to have a purpose and I want to know I did something, he said.