Coach Wright To Retire

After 32 years and a State Championship, wrestling coach leaves the classroom

Coach Wright To Retire

Abby Rojas , Editor

For the past 32 years, head wrestling coach Terry Wright has been coaching and teaching generations of high school students. Now, after several achievements, including being a five-time district coach of the year, Coach Wright is saying goodbye to the Chisholm Trail Rangers and retiring.  

Although he is leaving Chisholm when the school year ends, Coach Wright’s students still had some things they wanted to share about their teacher.

“One of my favorite things about Coach Wright is that even though he is older, he likes to get out and do things that normally older people wouldn’t want to do,” senior Victor Washington said. “Being a wrestling coach for as long as he has been is really impressive. He has an adventurous spirit and he’s always out doing stuff that even people my age wouldn’t want to do.” 

Some of Coach Wright’s students also shared what they felt was the most important thing that they learned from him overall. 

“Coach Wright is one of the most hard working people I know,” junior Avery Mardis said. “He is so dedicated to wrestling, to his kids, to everything, and it’s really inspirational. Coach Wright has taught me to never stop trying. If you try and it doesn’t work, try again. Try it differently.” 

Not only has Coach Wright helped teach his students what to do on the mat, but he has also shown them how to handle life outside of wrestling. 

“He has taught me to take everything on one step at a time,” Victor said. “He’s kind of preached this at wrestling matches, to take it one match at a time, but that can also be translated to normal, daily tasks. To achieve your ultimate goal, you have three or four smaller goals that lead up to the bigger one, so you should take life one goal at a time.”