Minh Tran: Reseller

CTHS student starts his own successful business.


Junior Minh Tran sells hype clothing online.

Anthony Eells, Reporter

When junior Minh Tran first started chasing clout and reselling “hype” clothing he was only 15, but even then he had no doubt that he would succeed, and no idea how stressful it would be. 

Clout is a term used originally for power, but teens have turned it into a slang for fame or popularity. 

It was very easy for Minh to start up. Minh said all of his friends had experience with reselling and they helped him along the way. 

“I make about one thousand a month.” Minh said, “Depending on what products I get my hands on.” 

The reselling business can be fun, he said, but stress can get to him.  

“Besides lack of sleep, it is fun when I see a notification saying someone sent money to my PayPal,” Minh said. 

Minh doesn’t get any sleep at all on the days of the clothing release.

Minh said, “I have alarms set and the websites open so I can buy it as soon as it releases.” 

Besides money, Minh said he was inspired by his brother to ride the clout wave. 

“He had his own business and I wanted to be successful at a young age as well,” Minh said. 

The excitement of chasing success isn’t the only thing that drives Minh to get more clout. His style heavily influences his pursuit of the clout, and he enjoys collecting clothing for his personal closet. 

Minh said he wears the clothing he buys and his favorite clothing brands include the first items he ever picked up: Yeezy and Supreme. 

Minh isn’t worried about failure.  

“I’m young and I can learn from my mistakes and recover quicker,” Minh said. 

While running his business, Minh said he has learned a few lessons about life.  

He said he has learned smart business techniques, not to give up and to always be prepared. 

Now Minh is planning his life after high school, ready to take on the world and gain success. 

“I see myself moving to LA with business partners to obtain more success and count stacks,” Minh said.