Story of Love

Teacher helps students see differences are okay


courtesy Mrs. Love

Lori Love teaches math at CTHS.

Rebeca Flores, Reporter

Mrs. Lori Love stands at the front of the room in her red Alabama t-shirt. It’s Monday, college day, and Love supports both her team and her daughter with the shirt. 

Class starts, and she tells students to put their phones away and get their journals out. 

Students know to start working the math problems Love has put on the board, and they get busy right away. Unless they don’t. If they don’t, it’s usually because of their phones. Love puts those phones on her desk. With that class begins. 

Love has been teaching for 21years. She has three daughters who have decided to follow in her footsteps and become teachers as well.  

“I have a wonderful husband of 32 years who owns several businesses ventures,” Love said. “My pride and joy are my four grandchildren: Carson, Ava, Carter and Jackson. They are the lights of my life.” 

Love said the reason she wanted to teach basic math was because she wanted to work with small group of students and help them progress with math at a slower pace. She said she knows the struggles of kids who are in basic classes because her daughters where in basic classes before. 

Basic math is a smaller class than a regular class because some students don’t really understand the work or problems in bigger classes or the teacher goes a little too fast for them to process what he or she is teaching. 

“Don’t let anyone bring you down, just because your different from them,” Love said. 

Love said math will help all students. 

“Like it or not it will help in the future,” Love said. “You will know how to manage loans, credit and balance your money in general. God used mathematics in the creating the world.”