The Jackson 7

Freshman remembers her most stressful day


Courtesy: Zateya Jackson

Zateya Jackson, her six siblings and her parents.

Miranda Barragan, Reporter

It was 9 p.m. on April 4, 2014. Her mom was having cramps and everyone was worried because they were almost certain that the baby was being born.

With five kids already, they knew the signs.

Her dad took her mother to the hospital, and freshman Zateya Jackson had to stay home with her brother and sisters. They were all worried what would happen to their mother and the little baby.

Time passed and Zateya had no more patience, so she called her father and asked him how her mother was and how the baby was. Both were okay and healthy.

The next morning her siblings asked when mom, dad and baby were going to be home, but Zateya did not know so she called her father again.

Time passed. At 3 p.m. they heard a car pull up in the drive way so they all ran outside and saw their dad with the baby : Eligah Guirre. This was a really happy day for Zateya and her family.

“Little Eligah is so cute,” Zateya said. “I wanna squeeze him so bad.”