Her Dream Job

Students say Dunning brings reading to life

Librarian and Media Specialist April Dunning welcomes students to the library.

Chastity Hill

Librarian and Media Specialist April Dunning welcomes students to the library.

Zateya Jackson, Reporter

At the end of the night the librarian April Dunning walks through the shelves to put away the last book. As she locks up and looks around, she realizes this is where she wants to be, doing her dream job.  

When people work with Dunning they discover how passionate she is about reading. 

“I love talking with Mrs. Dunning,”” sophomore Morgan Aguirre said. “She’s a great librarian and an even better person. She got me into reading more she’s amazing at her job.” 

Dunning, somehow, always knows how to pick the best book for anyone by asking just the right questions.  

“When I went for my first time she easily found a book for me,” freshman Kayla Rivera said. “She just asked me questions on what I liked and what I loved to read. She really helped because I actually finished that book.” 

Being a librarian media specialist, which is her official title, Dunning also helps her students academically. 

“I don’t read very often, but because of her I have read an entire series just at the beginning of this school year,” freshman Ashley Nalls said. “She’s really helped me academically by getting me to read more, she’s one of the best. 

Dunning is observant in her work because she began to notice patterns and habits of her students over the years on how they read and what they read. 

” I see more freshman reading because they have more time in their schedules than the upperclassmen,” Dunning said. “I also notice patterns in people reading habits and can easily recommend a book, based on what I see them read. By noticing the most read genres I can order more books in that one to fill our humongous library.” 

Dunning tries to help her students by getting to know them and being a part of their school days. 

“Every time a student walks into this library, I go out of my way to greet and make them feel acknowledged,” Dunning said. “I love asking the students that come in about their day and how they’re doing. I want to be someone they can come to if there’s an issue in their life.”