A Scary Day

First day of school causes nerves for freshman


Oscar Garcia

Student leaders show freshmen around the school during Fish Camp before school starts.

Zateya Jackson, Reporter

It was one of the best days of her life. 

There stood the big white tall columns outside the large two story high school building of Chisholm Trail.   A frightened Miranda Barragan walked inside officially beginning her day. This was a big day for her because it was her first day as a freshman that also happened to take place on a solar eclipse. 

“I was scared of walking into the school and not having any friends there to talk to,” Miranda said. “But I also couldn’t wait to start my first day as a ninth grader.” 

When it hit lunch time though, anxiety had cut its way through Miranda’s strong shield of calm as she tried to figure out where to sit. To her it felt as if there were thousands of people and not a single place for her out of that thousand. 

“There was so much people,” Miranda said, “so I sat with some friends I met and transitioned from table to table till I found the one I sit at know.” 

It was the end of her first day in high school. She will always remember her new friends and teachers.    

“I’ve met a lot of new friends,” Miranda said.  “I love Spanish. It’s so easy and fun, and journalism is a great newspaper and writing class, but too complicated for me.”