A Sister Story

8 choir students place, 6 advance to final round in All-State audition process


Sophomore Brittani and senior Bri Reed both advanced to the 4th round in the All-State Choir audition process.

Hali Cortes, Reporter

It was round three of the all state process and sophomore Brittani Reed was confident. Brittani wasn’t the only Reed on the stage that day. Her sister senior Bri Reed was there too. 

Following in her sister’s footsteps is just part of the norm for Brittani. 

Last Thursday Brittani and Bri both made the fourth round of the All-State Choir auditions. 

The girls have a total of four rounds of all state  if they make it through the third round. When they  began the process they went in confidently thanks to the preparation they had all summer  

“Going to the first round I was ready,” Brittani said. “Second round not so much. There was a higher range for me to sing.” 

Since Brittani has her sister by her side, competing together isn’t as bad as everyone makes it sound, and Bri is there to help her push for her success  

“Having my sister compete with me is super beneficial,” Brittani said. “Since we sing close to the same voice part we can help each other out.”  

Even though they are competing for big spots they don’t doubt each other. They always make each other  more successful  and point out each other’s mistakes so they can fix them before competition.  

“I got a perfect score on sight reading at second round,” Brittani said. “Even though I wasn’t so sure about it, getting a perfect score definitely boosted my confidence.” 

Now Brittani says she’s isn’t blind of the fact that she is competing with seniors including her sister.  

“I know I’m competing for a chair against seniors,” Brittani said.  “But of course I hope I move on to the fourth round.” 

Of course Brittani wants her sister to be successful and make it to fourth round as well; like any of the other choir students, she said she wants to be just as successful as all of her choir buddies.  

To Brittani the All-State process is just like the band’s back to the tunnel.  

“All-State is one of the hardest things choir kids do,” Brittani said. “We have to work just as hard as band to be successful even though we do it individually and not as a whole.” 

Before she goes to All-State everyone makes sure she’s prepared and confident about her pieces.  

“Mama Hardy pulls me out every day in class to go over anything I’m struggling with,” Brittani said. “Now I’m at least 92% prepared for Thursday thanks to Mama.”