‘She’s What Makes Me, Me’

Mother/daughter bond created during cooking

Shes What Makes Me, Me

Alaina Salazar, Reporter

Some people think spending time with friends is more fun than spending time with parents, but junior Brianna Oro doesn’t think so. She and her mom watch Criminal Minds together then head straight to the kitchen where the magic begins.

“My favorite things I like to cook are spaghetti, enchiladas and mole,” Brianna said. “It’s easy and comes out good.”

Brianna’s mom taught her how to cook at 14, and she said she’s gotten so much better over the past few years. Besides preparing for the future, Brianna said she wants to be a good cook.

“I’ve watched her over the past few years and I’ve gained a lot interest of what my mom cooks and how she cooks it,” Brianna said.

Brianna said she just moved here last year and her mom works late, so she cooks for her family when her mom is too tired.

“Cook me something Bibi,” Brianna’s mom will say. “Whatever you want.”

And before they begin cooking, her mom shares life lessons, and helps her with her personal problems.

“We do a lot together,” Brianna said. “We play around a lot and she is what makes me, me.”

Brianna can tell her mom anything even about boys and school stuff. She trusts her mom and her mom gives her honest advice and supports Brianna.

“Don’t let a guy run you over,” Brianna’s mom tells her before getting up and to teach her how to make a new recipe. “Have trust in each other and don’t believe what others say.”

For Brianna that time cooking with mom is more than a pastime.

It’s life.