Mascot found


Darany Vannithone, News Editor

Based on his scores upon trying out, sophomore Alexis Garcia is taking on the mascot role for the 2016-2017 school year.

Mascot tryouts were held in March at the same time as cheer tryouts. To tryout Garcia had to create a two-minute routine and perform in front of judges.

“I walked out with a guitar with the mascot costume on, of course. I pretended to play the guitar to Johnny Cash’s ‘Rusty Cage’ and then during the guitar part I did that (pretended to play the guitar) for a bit. Then I put it down and ran around as if I was telling the crowd to cheer for the team,” Garcia said.

Garcia initially found out about tryouts after walking into his chemistry class and noticing a stack of flyers. Garcia said that he thought it would be a fun thing to do, so he told his teacher, Ebony Love, cheer coach, that he planned to try out.

“He’s extremely outgoing, he loves to be goofy, he’s great with people, and I think he’ll do really well especially with the kids that come to the game. He interacts very well with the cheerleaders and all of the cheerleaders were so, so, so excited that he was doing it,” Love said.