‘The Forest’ Movie Review


Kendal Fowler, Newspaper Staff

The Forest is a movie based on the mystery of the real Aokigahara forest, or suicide forest, at the base of Mount Fuji in Japan. The main character, Sara, tries to find her twin sister, Jess, who police tell her has disappeared after going into the forest.

Sarah has this connection with her sister and can feel when she’s in danger. She meets a reporter named Aiden, who suggests that they go with a search guide named Michi so they won’t lose their path. In the forest, Sara finds Jess’ yellow tent, making her feel hopeful that she’s still alive. As the sun sets, Michi tells Sara that they need to head back; Sara refuses to leave and Aiden chooses to stay with her and keep her safe.

During the night, Sara wakes up from a rustling noise outside her tent. She goes outside the tent and walks around and runs into a girl who claims to know Jess. The girl tells Sara to stay away from Aiden, this was the big turning point of the movie.

Basically, this movie isn’t necessarily scary since every time there was a dramatic moment my sister would giggle, making it less terrifying. There were a few jump scares that made this movie fit it’s category, but overall it wasn’t all that. Coming from someone who isn’t a fan of scary movies, The Forest was pretty tolerable.